Hosting a party this IPL Season!

With the real estate market having its own ups and downs, many builders succumb to the space constraint and have small apartments and flats. New flats in Poonamallee and homes in Injambakkam areas which are suburban parts of Chennai have bigger homes but as you move into the city the size of flat decreases due to space crunch. Here are few points with which you can make smaller homes a great party pod this IPL Season!

Use every square centimetre
Don't let space go waste. Remove unused appliances and decor items that really don’t add value to the aesthetics. Use the space on dining table to set up buffet spread. Clean up the living room table so guests can use that as seating.

Scrub and clean
Ensure the space is spotless. Everything, from table tops to TV to bathroom must be clean and dust-free. This makes for a good impression on the guests.

Plan the seating
Because there's not much room to move around, make the seating informal. Arrange the sofas and chairs in an informal way. Throw a foam mattress on the floor so that people can use it as well. If you have ornate stools, put them to good use.

Control movement during lunch/dinner
Never place all the courses together. While the bar can be in one corner of the house, starters can be placed on small tables. Keep the main course on the dining table and hand over the deserts in their hands where they are seated then.


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